Chris Romine
 Instructor profile:  Chris Romine is an accomplished artist who believes that having fun while creating soulful art brings about a sense of well-being.  Her artwork comes from her own inner urgings, her spirituality, and her true self.  Tapping into her inner self through art makes painting a fulfilling experience, and has brought great recognition to her work.  Chris explains, The joy is in the journey.  The excitement is in the active process of watching the colors, textures and shapes come together to form something that is our very own.”  She is a truly inspirational teacher who is committed to sharing her love of art and creativity with her students.  Welcome to my Workshop. I'm so glad you have chosen to spend the day painting with me. My biggest challenge will be not to overwhelm you as I share my Joy of Art.







Chris Romine                                                                          

      Each Fall Chris hold her much anticipated workshop here at Tri Dee



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      Title Experimental Techniques mixed Media

Chris Romine is an accomplished artist who believes that having fun while creating soulful and intuitive art brings about a sense of well-being and joy.  She is constantly experimenting with watercolors, acrylics, cement, ink, glass beads, metal, various resists and collage methods.  Images in texture and bold colors depict her free and fun style.
   As an artist and teacher, Chris is constantly pushing her own boundaries and encourages her students to do the same in her various art workshops.  She has traveled extensively which helps in creating new and exciting images in her works as well as offering her new perspectives and approaches to her experimental pieces. She has great respect for the power of art and for its ability to inspire and transform  the artist’s perspective as well as the viewer. For this reason, she continues to donate art to many charities and organizations that are making a positive impact in the world. 
  Her art has been displayed in many shows in the Northwest and has received many awards over the years. 
  Her  workshops  reveal the various innovative  methods that she uses to create her experimental, mixed media style. When she teaches, she encourages other  artists to connect with the spirit and images  within
“I believe that the feeling that goes into a work of art may in someway bring joy and harmony into another person’s life.  Creative soulful and intuitive art brings about a sense of well-being to the artist as well as the viewer”.  

    Chris Romine Studios    Bellingham, WA      360 734 0291


We invite you to explore how self expression through creativity gently ushers in a renewed sense of balance and harmony in your life. This unique learning opportunity is designed for those who may be seeking a new form of creative release, as well for artists who wish to explore new media, or painters who may want to add new techniques and textures to their paintings, We will experiment with acrylics, Watercolors, Watercolor ink, Glass beads, various resists and collage methods, Using these different media, we will focus on enjoying the process instead of the finished product, thus creating works of art that speak from within.


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