Jennifer Bowman  is a local artist who has created the 2004 Tulip Festival poster.  She painted the 2002 Berry Dairy Days Oak Harbor’s ‘Whidbey Island Race Week’ image. Her work will grace eleven of the 2004 MacGregor phone book and visitor’s guide covers as well. She creating the 2004 Edmonds Arts Festival Poster along with the 2004 Anacortes Waterfront festival image.

Jennifer’s art training started when she was young with both artistic parents supporting her abilities.  Her training continued through collage at WWU in Bellingham where she received a degree in Visual Communications. 

A nine-year spell in the Boeing printing facilities, where she managed the production of full color printing material including the Annual Report and promotional mailings, convinced her she needed to get back into the creative end of the job.

Concentrated painting time didn’t occur until they Bowman’s took their 33-ft sailboat and headed down to Mexico.  She was able to spend a solid year honing her skills. Her focus in Mexico was colorful market scenes, images of bougainvillea-draped buildings, and realistic renditions of the cruising community’s yachts in tropical settings. You may have seen some of her six covers for 48 degrees north, a local sailing magazine.

Jennifer’s northwest images are some of her current series of paintings. They reflect her use of color and demonstrate her special ability to create the illusion of depth and light.  Her floral paintings glow with vivid color and fluid movement. Join her this fall as she explores the process known as “Watercolors-Wet and Wild”.

She is a member of both the Northwest Watercolor and San Diego Watercolor Societies. Some of the recognition she has received is The Edmonds Mayor’s Purchase Award, a 200th Anniversary of Mt. Rainier Award, Windsor Newton Award and numerous blue ribbon and first place awards.  You can see more of her work on


Acrylics Work shop   by Jennifer Bowman          


        Min 6 max 12  10:00 am - 3:00 pm
1 hour lunch



The next class I will be teaching is going to be held in Mt. Vernon at TRI-DEE Arts. Set-up and gossip start at 9:30, class begins at 10 am. 

is covered in the workshop? 

This class is aimed at the intermediate student. It is my desire to create a positive and joyful atmosphere that nourishes the development of each artist's special talents and perceptions. I will begin each day with a demonstration. In my class, we will explore color, value, composition and light. Using each of these elements we will sculpt three-dimensional elements using two-dimensional form. We will be working on a pre-textured surface for the first day and then working in color-layering glazes and then palette knife techniques. Acrylics are wonderful for adding dramatic color choices and really working the contrast of complimentary colors.

Day One: Talk about paint and the respective qualities; experiment with color mixing using wet into wet washes; layered glazes and built-up palette knife strokes. The first day's canvas will be pre-textured for immediate painting and we will texture the second canvas for the next day's class.

In class we will learn to see items in geometric form, simplifying them to their basic shapes. Using a strong light source, we will learn to create three-dimensional qualities on two-dimensional paper. We will learn about the color wheel and how to mix/make colors. We will work on composition and it's importance in balancing your image, and using concepts about rhythm, shapes and color you will be able to lead someone through your painting.

Day Two: Acrylic is a great medium for those that like to change their minds... cause you can put light colors over the top of dark colors!!!! This process allows you to add highlights and corrections to previously painted areas.

We will learn about opposites and how they make a good painting work. Analyzing colors to see the cool and warm hues will be part of this day's work.

Values will be emphasized. Are your paintings weak and nondescript? Is your subject not popping off the page? Today we will push you past your threshold of wimpy painting and elevate you to a new bold and exciting level.

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