Color Mixing Guides

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MAGIC PALETTE™ Color Mixing Guides

A color mixing guide for artists that takes the guesswork out of mixing colors!

An indispensable tool for artists and color designers at every experience level. Shows artists how to mix beautiful, luminous colors.

       Personal Mixing Guide

Personal Mixing Guide


                      Studio Mixing Guide

Studio Mixing Guide

  • 324 colors created
    from 18 tube paint colors
  • Essential colors for most artists
  • Ideal for studio or on location
  • Detailed instructions included
  • High quality printing

11 ˝” x 11 ˝”

Style 5324

  • 841 colors created from 29 tube paint colors
  • Broader palette and color spectrum
  • Ideal for studio, classroom and art workshops
  • Detailed instructions included
  • UV coated for durability
  • Finest quality printing for color accuracy

24” x 24”

Style 5841