Conte Crayons

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Conte Crayon Sets & 2 Packs (carded)

These finely ground pastels provide particularly soft and smooth drawing. The rich, vivid colors mix together nicely, and are well suited for use on emery paper or heavily grained surfaces. Sharpen them to a chisel tip, or drag them flat on their sides for various shading techniques. Traditional artists' crayons in assorted rich earth tones. Two per card.
CO 2157 Conte Crayon 12 assort. color set 2342    
CO 2158 Conte Crayon 24 color set 2344    
CO 2159 Conte Crayon 48 color set (s.o.)    
CO 2195 Conte Crayon 12 color set PORTRAIT    
CO 2196 Conte Crayon 12 color set LANDSCAPE    
CO 2262 Conte Crayon 12 color set-CLASSIC  2461T    
CON 2350 2/CD SAN.NAT 12450    
CON 2351 2/CD SAN 18C 12451    
CON 2352 2/CD SAN.WAT 12452    
CON 2353 2/CD SAN.MED 12453    
CON 2354 2/CD BISTRE 12454    
CON 2355 2/CD WHITE 2B 12456-2B    
CON 2356 2/CD WHITE B 12456-B    
CON 2357 2/CD WHITE HB 12456-HB    
CON 2358 2/CD GRAY 12457    
CON 2359 2/CD BLACK 2B 12460-2B    
CON 2360 2/CD BLACK B 12460-B    
CON 2361 2/CD BLACK HB 12460-HB