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Tri-Dee Distributors Inc. 
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"BEST" Easel People" 

    Suggested List Prices are shown along with our *FOB price, which you will find is less than other web sites. 
How can we sell Easels for less? 
    We are a small family operated company with less overhead. We will Drop ship East Coast customers from Wisconsin, while West coast  will  be shipped from the Washington State warehouse. Also watch for our many extra seasonal promotions.  
 No other easel manufacturer in the world has the ability to deliver as broad a range of products with the highest level of quality as consistently as "BEST" 

              Available from Tri-Dee Distributors inc. Your BEST Easel Friend on the Web.  

Fine Craftsmanship from a company that cares.

Though only 2% of the earth's surface, the rainforest harbor more than 50% of all living species on the planet. But our rainforests are vanishing, sacrificed to logging and other industrialized uses. in fact, we lose as much as 150 acres every minute. 

        Best Artist Products insists not only on the highest standards of craftsmanship, but on corporate citizenship as well. While other manufacturers turn to cheaper woods harvested in the world's vanishing rainforests, Best uses only American Oak, purchased from licensed mills that practice strict rules of conservation right down to replanting the area they cut for their lumber.

     Of course, Best Easels are artworks in themselves. They celebrate the work of the individual craftsman just as a painting celebrates the painter's vision. Each is handcrafted, by artisans who take pride in their work, bringing beauty to utility.
        Each Best Easel is made of American oak, sanded to a smooth surface, then hand-rubbed with oil to reveal the inherent beauty of the wood grain. The craftsman at Best nail, glue, and wood screw every joint, guaranteeing strength and precision. Only the highest quality hardware is used as these easels are constructed to last a lifetime.
        You can relax knowing that you have not only the finest easel available, but that it was constructed with concern for the future of the rainforests.
      *FOB stands for "Freight on Board" meaning shipping charges from the stated location

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