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Academy Van Dyne Caballo Sandia


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Tri-Dee Distributors   
(360) 336-6131

**Suggested List Prices are shown along with our sale  prices and watch for our many extra seasonal promotions. Don't Know the model you need, call us to discuss ( 360 336 6131) ordering the model of your choice.  No other easel manufacturer in the world has the ability to deliver as broad a range of products with the highest level of quality as consistently as "BEST" Now Available from Tri-Dee Distributors inc. Your BEST Easel Source on the Web.


   Best CaballoCaballo #886008 $525.00  Sale $399.95
FOB Factory@ Sales@tri-dee.com

• Full height: 52".
• Bench height: 18".
• Offers a 16" long divided drawer.
• Includes a 27 1/2" long storage area.
• Maximum canvas height: 27".
• Packaged in heavy duty-carton.
• Shipping weight: 30 lbs.
• Ships partially assembled by UPS.
• Box dimensions: 43" x 13" x 5".

A remarkable easel that does everything and goes anywhere. Attached wheels offer mobility when the bench is folded up. When it is set up, the unit provides a sitting area, a storage drawer and an easel for sketching or painting.


   Best WallmountWall Mount #887100 $949.00  Sale $579.99
FOB Factory@ Sales@tri-dee.com

• Can hold canvases up to 88" high.
• Width/depth: 32" x 14".
• Extended easel height: 102".
• Compact easel height: 55".
• Forward tilt for the pastel artist.
• Smooth, easy height adjustability.
• Self leveling tray/palette.
• Shipping weight: 60 lbs.
• Box dimensions: 55" x 29" x 7".
• Ships partially assembled by UPS.

Wall Mount
BEST’s Wallmount is the ideal solution for the artist with limited studio space. Most easel manufactures design only their smallest and lightest easels for quick and easy storage. BEST understands that many professional artists must achieve a balance between space concerns and workability. The Wallmount achieves both goals, a heavy-duty easel that accommodates a large canvas with zero use of studio floor space. A sturdy Oak easel that was designed to be mounted on the wall. The easel can be used in a vertical position or tilted forward. Perfect for the studio with limited floor space.