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Face Powders

Fair - Topaz - Chestnut - Coco Tan - Sienna - Neutral Set - Super White - Pretty Pink - Banana Visage - Mini Powders - Speciality Powders

Our classic powders quickly absorb oils and moisture. Blending is enhanced even when powder is applied in the "middle" of a makeup. Eight superb shades in convenient shaker bottles and economical jars.

Fair Translucent

Subtle peach-tone blends naturally with fair and olive skin tones. This classic gently softens straight, beauty and character makeups. Applications: 15-35 per ounce.



Topaz Translucent

Subtle shade for olive-brown complexions with golden undertones. Excellent over Natural Olive and lighter shades of the Sahara Series. Applications: 15-35 per ounce.



Chestnut Translucent

Designed for black performers with a golden mahogany tint. Applications: 15-35 per ounce.



Coco Tan Translucent

New improved shade! Warm olive-tan naturally complements mid-brown complexions. Applications: 15-35 per ounce.



Sienna Translucent

Rich, golden-brown shade coordinates beautifully with richer skin tones. Natural over mid to deep Sahara shades. Also pressed in Poudre Compacté. Applications: 15-35 per ounce.



Neutral Set Translucent

Voted MVP by Ben Nye customers. This colorless powder blends with all skin tones and enhances bright or specialty shades with no color alteration. Retards perspiration. Applications: 15-35 per ounce.


Super White

Non-translucent, blended with white pigment to brighten any white makeup including Clown White, Clown White Lite or foundations such as Geisha and Porcelain. Applications: 15-35 per ounce.



Specialty Powders

Plains Dust - This synthetic effects powder looks like real earth without the red tone of Texas Dirt. Smudge with fingers or sponge, or dust on with powder brush to face, body and costumes. Washable. Test fabric before use. Applications: 10-20 per ounce.

Ash Powder - Also known as Fullers Earth, this light powder looks like pale earth. Ideal to lightly distress face, skin and costumes. Synthetic, washable. Applications: 10-20 per ounce.

Charcoal Powder - Apply for realistic powder burns, charring or grease effects with fingers, sponge or brush. Synthetic, washable. Test fabric before use. Applications: 10-20 per ounce.