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Double-Clay coated Foam Board, side view Standard White with White Core Foam board
Premium foam board is available in 25 sheet cartons. Sorry, no Shipping on broken cartons. Foam board is available in black foam with black paper
, or white foam with white paper. These are laminated to form the board.
White Foam board is ideal for all non-archival mounting purposes. Conveniently lightweight yet sturdy enough to resist denting. Designed to facilitate clean, crisp cuts and edges. Clay-coated for an extra-smooth surface and dual-sided with bright white surfaces. Available in popular widths and sizes, 
Foam board is an extruded polystyrene foam board between two sheets of white clay coated paper. Because of its light weight, durability, flatness, rigidity, structural strength and moisture resistance, foam board has a wide variety of uses including picture frame backing, dry mounting, vac-u-press wet mounting, etc. Caution: Foam board with white clay coated paper is slightly acidic, having a pH range of 6.5-7.0.

Acid-Free Foam Board provides a standard buffered acid-free surface with a chemically inert core for mounting artwork, photographs, and important documents. The facing paper on both sides of the board has a pH between 7.7 and 8.5 and is buffered.
Acid free foam board was designed to meet specific conservation standards for preserving works of art. Acid free foam board can be used for mounting large artwork, archival frame backing and creating large format storage folders. The extruded polystyrene core is laminated between two sheets of warm white acid free barrier paper. Art Care acid-free foam core made with Micro Chamber molecular traps. The Micro Chamber products incorporated in this board effectively remove many harmful compounds such as phenols, ethanoic and methanoic acid, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and formaldehyde. Covering material on the white board is off white and buffered.

Black-On-Black foam board is black through the core so there's never a need to color, cover, or disguise the edges. No matter how you cut it the edges remain smooth, flawless and solid black. Black-On-Black is available in 3/16" and 1/2" thickness and a full range of sheet sizes.

Single-Step sheet has been precoated on one side with a heat-activated adhesive. The heat and pressure of a dry mounting press activate the adhesive coating forming a smooth, permanent bond.

Quick Stik board has a pressure-sensitive adhesive surface on one side for mounting virtually any type of art work, providing a good alternative to messy sprays.


Cut to Size AvailableCut to Size Available in most all types $69.00 per small orders (cases only)              
Our Shipping centers are conveniently located throughout North America. Normal shipping time for un cut sheets is under 7 days. Add a few days for custom cutting. We save you money on Freight , Truck orders run $129.00 & up per shipment.   Note: sizes 32" X 48" X 6" and under can ship UPS/Fedex starting @ $49.00.  Call for Quote. Shipping  Locations  [USA]   [CANADA]    For Canadian orders: Use the same prices in US dollars.   Sorry no broken cartons.

    For pricing see our pricing page: Tri Dee Foam price page      

Archival Acid free board designed for mounting maps,
photos and other precious articles safely    
7.3-8.5  PH value


     BLACK on BLACK Foamboard It features the darkest, smoothest black paper, bonded  front and back to a core of black polystyrene foam. It has incredible depth and richness of color - and there's no need to cover or disguise cut edges because this board is solid black through and through.


Self Adhesive Foam Board  
Pressure sensitive board allows prints to be mounted with an instant, high-strength bond


Self Adhesive

1 to 2 Cases 

3 to 9 Cases  10+

Self Adhesive  Low Tack  White


                  Heat activated Adhesive   Coated on one side with heat-activated adhesive which activates rapidly at a low temperature and provides a secure bond


                 FLAME RETARDANT FOAMBOARD The polystyrene foam center is ULŪ classified, R4712N and the specially formulated flame resistant facers meet TAPPI T4610M-94 standards.  
      Label stating fire rating comes in each carton
California state Fire Marshal registered # FA-47601

1 to 2 cases 3 to 6
7 to 10
              meets TAPPI T4610M-94 standards.       
3/16"(.187) FR316 4896 Flame Resistant  White  48"x96"  carton of 25      
3/16"(.187) FR316 48120 Flame Resistant  White  48"x120"  carton of 25      
1/2"(.50) FR5 4896 Flame Resistant  White  48x96"  carton of 12      
3/4"(.75) FR75 4896 Flame Resistant  White  48x96 carton of 8      
1"(.1) FR1 4896 Flame Resistant  White  48x96 carton of 6      

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 FoamBoard / Foam-X / Fome-Cor / Revel 111       Fire Retardant / Resistant board       Bio Degradable  

Dibond / Alucobond