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Holbien Oil Color       The formulation and grinding/blending techniques for each color are modified to compensate for the inherent differences in the working characteristics of pigments. The result is an even consistency across the entire palette of 175 colors (7 antique colors, 11 transparent colors, 4 foundation colors, and 7 Whites). Utilizing the purest of available pigments and manufactured to the highest standard of quality control in the industry, Holbein Artists' Oil Color ranks as the world's finest.

Ground from 3 to 5 times as necessary to achieve a universally consistent viscosity, the manufacturing process in each of the preparation, mixing, grinding, adjustment and filling stages is monitored by reference to optimum quality standards. Throughout the production process, Holbein insures its quality standards by test inspection of pigment purity, color tone, applicability and adhesion, physical stability, light stability, thermo-stability and anti-bacterial stability. The result is a world-class professional oil color without equal.     

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