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Winsor & Newton's best selling liquid medium, which will improve the flow of Oil and Alkyd colors for smooth brushwork, subtle blending or fine detail. It also increases translucency and speeds drying, making it ideal for thin glazing. Mixes easily with a brush and flows readily.
Stock # Description    
WN3222991  Liquin 75ML    
WN3240991  Liquin 250ML    
WN3250991  Liquin 500ML    
WN3254991  Liquin 1 Liter    

Turpenoid is for brush cleaning and is an odorless turpentine substitute 

Stock # Description    
WR1681 Turpenoid 4 oz    
WR1682 Turpenoid 8 oz    
WR1683 Turpenoid 16 oz    
WR1684 Turpenoid 32 oz    
WR1685 Turpenoid Gallon    


Stock # Description    
KR1306 Workable Fixatif 11 oz Spray      
KR1303 Crystal Clear 11 oz Spray      
KR1305 UV Resistant Clear 11 oz Spray      
KR1311  Matte Finish 11 oz Spray      
KR1312  Kamar Varnish 11 oz Spray      

Claybord Fixative
To seal and frame artwork without glass, use our Claybord Fixative. It is suitable for use with watercolor, gouache, inks, pencils, airbrush, acrylics, charcoal drawings and more. View watercolors without glare or reflection. On Claybord Black, the fixative dissolves fingerprints and smudges and provides an air and water tight finish for permanence. The fixative makes the surface waterproof, dirt proof, and air tight.