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Acrylic Flow Release is an additive used to reduce surface tension of the water in the acrylic emulsion, therefore increasing the slickness and flow of the paint. It is effective for achieving rich stains on a porous surface. Health Labeled (HL) Product. Not for use by children.
Retarded is an additive used to increase the open (drying) time of acrylic paints. Useful for "wet in wet" techniques and reducing skinning on the palette.
Acrylic Glazing Liquid Acrylic Glazing Liquid is designed for interior application on walls or furniture. When mixed with acrylic colors, Acrylic Glazing Liquid's slow drying time allows sufficient working time for a wide variety of glaze and faux finishes. Available in Gloss and Satin.
Matte Medium A general purpose, pourable medium useful for extending colors, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity.Increases film integrity when excessive pigments/filler solids or water has been added. Useful as a traslucent ground. Can be used as a ground, instead of gesso.
Polymer Medium Gloss A general purpose liquid medium useful for creating glazes, extending colors, enhancing gloss and translucency and increasing film integrity. Has a unique feel that is much more oil-like or resinous in nature and that promotes flow and leveling.
Silkscreen Medium A water-borne system designed to blend with acrylic paints for silkscreen application. Increases working time and retards paint from drying in the screen. Safe to use with minimal odor. Mix 1 part Silkscreen Medium with 1 part GOLDEN Acrylic colors (Heavy Body, Matte or Fluid) and use this mixture to screen with. The Silkscreen Medium is not designed to impart opacity, hence the opacity of the mixture will be determined by the nature of color being used and the ratio of paint to Medium used.
Golden Molding Pastes Excellent for building surfaces and creating textures. Dries to a hard, yet flexible, opaque film. Blends with Golden Acrylic colors.
Golden Light Molding Pastes Offers dramatic weight reductions when building thick layers of acrylic. The density of the wet product is over 50% less than Golden Molding Paste. This results in a significantly lighter film. This dramatic weight reduction will be beneficial in creating artworks that are large in size, have thick film build-up, or both. The product dries to an opaque, matte finish. The consistency is designed to hold stiff peaks to create a highly textured surface. Blends with Golden
Golden Extra Heavy Gel/Molding Paste A blend of Extra Heavy Gel Gloss and Molding Paste. Dries to a satin, semi-opaque finish. Excellent for increasing viscosity and building surfaces. Blends with Golden Acrylic colors.
Golden Hard Molding Paste Dries to a extremely hard, opaque film. This product is useful for creating tough, durable finishes for smooth or textured surfaces. The dried film can be carved with hand or power tools.
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GD3720-5 Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Gloss 8oz    
GD3720-6 Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Gloss 16oz    
GD3721-5 Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Satin 8oz    
GD3721-6 Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid Satin 16oz    
GD3530-5 Golden Matte Medium 8oz    
GD3530-6 Golden Matte Medium 16oz    
GD3530-7 Golden Matte Medium 32oz    
GD3510-5 Golden Polymer Medium Gloss 8oz    
GD3510-6 Golden Polymer Medium Gloss 16oz    
GD3510-7 Golden Polymer Medium Gloss 32oz    
GD3690-5 Golden Silkscreen Medium  (s.o.) 8oz    

Molding Pastes

GD3110-5 Golden Extra Heavy Molding Paste 8oz    
GD3571-5 Golden Hard Molding Paste 8oz    
GD3575-5 Golden Light Molding Paste 8oz    
GD3575-6 Golden Light Molding Paste 16oz    
GD3570-5 Golden Molding Paste 8oz    
GD3570-6 Golden Molding Paste 16oz