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Masterson's Super Pro Sta-Wet Palette
No more dried up, wasted paints! 28 separate wells for holding pigments. Removable palette paper for acrylics, sponge layer for wet paints. Oil palette paper not included, but is insert able for oil use. The lid will keep your paints clean and moist for days, even weeks! Large 15"x11" size.

Sakura "Koi" Watercolor Sets
The fine artist, the professional and the student all enjoy the smooth, creamy subtle graduations of Koi watercolors. Enjoy the versatility of instant correction and layering, create spontaneous washes with soft edges and swim in dynamic color possibilities. These specially selected pigments are instantly water responsive. Quick drying vibrant colors. Meets ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity standards. AP non-toxic.








Mastersons Sta Wet Palette

    Koi12 Koi Watercolor Set 12 color    
Koi18 Koi Watercolor Sets 18 color    
Yarka Gouache

The same Moscow artist paint factory which makes the student watercolor sets also manufactures the Yarka gouache set. Each of the twelve gouache colors comes in 40ml plastic jars. Yarka gouache is serious quality featuring 27% to 30% pigment. You'll love the rich colors and the strong opaque qualities. Yarka gouache offers a fabulously creamy dense coverage of non-transparent colors, which dry to a mat velvety surface in 20 minutes. As a rule, gouache colors brighten up after drying, so this should be taken into account at work. Yarka gouache is certified nontoxic by ACMI.

#38112 Yarka Gouache