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Clearprint 1000H Plain Vellum Pads

 NOT JUST FOR DRAFTING Selected, 100% rag 1000h Vellum pads are an excellent choice for drawing, calligraphy and more. Uniformity: The unchanging character of Clearprint Paper includes ideal ink and pencil surface, permanent transparency and outstanding erasing as well as handling, reproduction and aging qualities. Clearprint does not discolor with age. 
 Erasing Qualities: Ink and pencil lines drawn and redrawn in the same areas prove Clearprints unequalled erasing strength. Hold erased samples to the light and be convinced. Priming, Handling and Archival Qualities: The files of our many users prove that Clearprint originals are not subject to cracks, creases or tearing and do not require edging tape. They yield copies of fine definition. Clearprints Value: The small amount supposedly saved by buying a cheaper paper is surely of minor significance when compared to the value of the drawings involved. 
 Storage of Clearprint: Clearprint originals should be filed separately and not with moist, ammonia developed, or similar processed copies. Clearprint is available in pads, rolls and cut sheets. Either plain or with Fade-Out blue grids that will not reproduce when copied. Fade-Out is designated as follows: H-4. (4" x 4") H-5. (5" x 5") H-8. (8" x 8") H-10 (10" x 10") H-MM..1 Millimeter Grid H-IS0.Isometric Clearprint is available in two weights: 1000H.16 lb. 1020..20 lb. 1000H 50 Sheets/Pad

CPR 10001410 1000H 8.5X11 PAD    
CPR 10001416 1000H 11X17 PAD    
CPR 10001418 1000H 12X18 PAD    
CPR 10001420 1000H 17X22 PAD     
CPR 10001422 1000H 18X24 PAD    
CPR 10101120 1000H 18"X5yds ROLL    
CPR 10101128 1000H 24"X5yds ROLL    
CPR 10101149 1000H 36"X5yds ROLL    
CPR 10101130 1000H 24"X20yds ROLL