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Walnut Oil
Walnut / Alkyd Oil

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Enjoy real color without fumes


Walnut Oil and Walnut Alkyd Medium
Walnut/Alkyd Medium was developed to provide artist's with a non-toxic, environmentally responsible alternative to solvent based, rapid drying alkyd mediums. This is a medium that closely resembles the wonderful combinations of sun-thickened oil and natural resins used so effectively throughout the history of art but with the singular advantage of being free from solvents.

Walnut Oil dries glossy. While you shouldn't make it matte, wax can be dissolved in the nut oil and will impart a semi-matte finish. 

...Walnut Alkyd Medium........Walnut Alkyd Medium
Alkyd Medium a fast frying medium composed of Walnut Oil and Alkyd Resin. 
  Walnuts Brush Cleaning
Brushes may be cleaned during and after painting with Walnut Oil with a final washing in mild detergent if painting will not be resumed for several days. No harsh thinners or turpentines are required for clean up. Reduces disposal of harmful chemicals and unnecessary pollution.

Walnut Oil

GRM-42-410  Graham Walnut Oil Medium 4oz
GRM-61-410  Graham Walnut Oil Medium 8oz
GRM-81-410  Graham Walnut Oil Medium 32oz
GRM-91-410  Graham Walnut Oil Medium 128oz
Walnut / Alkyd Oil
GRM-42-420  Graham Walnut / Alkyd Medium Oil 4oz
GRM-61-420 Graham Walnut / Alkyd Medium Oil 8oz
GRM-81-420 Graham Walnut / Alkyd Medium Oil 32oz
GRM-91-420 Graham Walnut / Alkyd Medium Oil 128oz