Gold Leafing Rub & Buff Metallic Finishes

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  Gold Leafing                   

The highest quality imitation metal leafing. Kit includes two ounces of adhesive size, two ounces satin sealer, twenty-five sheets (756 square inches) of metal leafing, burnishing cloth, and two brushes plus easy to follow instructions. Antique gold leafing kit contains the same products, plus two ounce bottles of basecoat and antiquing glaze. Comes with easy to follow instructions


 OW-841 Antique Gold Leafing Kit    
OW-831 Gold Leafing Kit    
OW-832 Silver Leafing Kit    
OW-833 Copper Leafing Kit    
OW-812 Gold Leaf  25  5 1/2"sheets    
OW-812C Copper Leaf  25  5 1/2"sheets    
OW-812S Silver Leaf  25  5 1/2"sheets    
OW-812L 22K Gold Leaf  25  5 1/2"sheets    
  Rub & Buff Metallic Finishes                  

Achieve startling results with these lustrous, wax based metallic finishes for antiquing, crafts and decorating. Just rub onto any surface with finger or soft cloth, then gently buff to a beautiful luster. Choose from sixteen colors. 1/2 ounce tube


 AO 76361A Rub & Buff Gold Leaf    
AO 76362B Rub & Buff Antique Gold    
AO 76363C Rub & Buff Olive Gold    
AO 76372M Rub & Buff Autumn Gold    
AO 76371L Rub & Buff Grecian Gold    
AO76379X Rub & Buff European Gold    
AO 76365E Rub & Buff Chinese Red    
AO 76366F Rub & Buff Antique White    
AO 76367G Rub & Buff Pearl Blue    
AO 76368H Rub & Buff Spanish Copper    
AO 76369J Rub & Buff Ebony    
AO 76370K Rub & Buff Silver Leaf    
AO 76373N Rub & Buff Emerald    
AO 76374P Rub & Buff Sapphire    
AO 76375R Rub & Buff Jade    
AO 76378W Rub & Buff Amethyst    
AO 76380A Rub & Buff Pewter    
AO 76381B Rub & Buff Turquoise