Holbein Transparent Artist's Oil Colors

Using the purest of available pigments and manufactured to the highest standard of quality control, Holbein Artists' Oil Color ranks as the world's finest. 175 colors (7 antique colors, 11 transparent colors in 20 mil tubes, 4 foundation colors, and 7 Whites).

Holbein Artist's Oil  Colors Charts

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Product No. Colors Series Price

TRANSPARENT OILS  20 mil tubes

HOL-H801 Transparent Rose B  
HOL-H802 Transparent Red B
HOL-H803 Transparent Vermilion B
HOL-H807 Transparent Lemon B
HOL-H806 Transparent Yellow B  
HOL-H810 Transparent Green B  
HOL-H813 Transparent Blue B  
HOL-H816 Transparent Garnet B  
HOL-H809 Transparent Violet B  
HOL-H822 Transparent Brown B  
HOL-H825 Transparent Black B