Holbein Artist's Oil Colors

Using the purest of available pigments and manufactured to the highest standard of quality control, Holbein Artists' Oil Color ranks as the world's finest. 175 colors (7 antique colors, [11 transparent colors], 4 foundation colors, and 7 Whites).

Holbein Artist's Oil Colors Charts
[Transparent Oil colors]

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Product No. Colors Series Price


HOL-H201 Crimson Lake A  
HOL-H202 Carmine B
HOL-H203 Pink Madder B
HOL-H204 Rose Madder B
HOL-H205 Geranium Lake B  
HOL-H206 Coral Red B  
HOL-H207 Cadmium Red E  
HOL-H208 Cadmium Red Light E  
HOL-H209 Cadmium Red Deep E  
HOL-H210 Cadmium Orange Red Shade E  
HOL-H211 Cadmium Red Purple E  
HOL-H212 Scarlet Lake B  
HOL-H213 Chinese Red B  
HOL-H214 Peony Red B  
HOL-H215 Vermilion G  
HOL-H216 French Vermilion G  
HOL-H217 Chinese Vemilion G  
HOL-H218 Vermilion (T) A  
HOL-H219 Perylene Red D  
HOL-H220 Alps Red D  
HOL-H221 Brilliant Pink B  
HOL-H222 Bright Red B  
HOL-H223 Alizarin Crimson B  
HOL-H224 Rose Dore B  
HOL-H225 Cadmium Maroon E  
HOL-H226 Shell Pink B  
HOL-H339 Light Magenta B  
HOL-H340 Light Red A  
HOL-H341 Light Red Bright B  


HOL-H230 Naples Yellow A  
HOL-H231 Naples Yellow French A  
HOL-H232 Naples Yellow Italian A  
HOL-H233 Jaune Brilliant #1 A  
HOL-H234 Jaune Brilliant #2 A  
HOL-H235 Jaune Brilliant #3 A  
HOL-H236 Jaune Brilliant #4 A  
HOL-H237 Lemon Yellow B  
HOL-H238 Lemon Yellow Pale B  
HOL-H240 Yellow Ochre A  
HOL-H241 Gold Ochre A  
HOL-H242 Yellow Ochre Natural B  
HOL-H243 Permanent Yellow Lemon A  
HOL-H244 Permanent Yellow Light A  
HOL-H245 Permanent Yellow Deep A  
HOL-H246 Permanent Orange A  
HOL-H247 Greenish Yellow C  
HOL-H248 Aureolin E  
HOL-H249 Cadmium Yellow Lemon D  
HOL-H250 Cadmium Yellow Pale D  
HOL-H251 Cadmium Yellow Light D  
HOL-H252 Cadmium Yellow D  
HOL-H253 Cadmium Yellow Deep D  
HOL-H254 Cadmium Orange Yellow D  
HOL-H255 Indian Yellow B  
HOL-H256 Nickel Yellow C  
HOL-H257 Cadmium Orange E  
HOL-H349 Mars Yellow B  
HOL-H350 Mars Orange B  
HOL-H259 Permanent Yellow Pale A  
HOL-H260 Yellow Ochre Pale Natural B  
HOL-H285 Permanent Yellow A  
HOL-H270 Viridian C  
HOL-H271 Viridian (T) A  
HOL-H272 Cobalt Green Pale D  
HOL-H273 Cobalt Green Deep D  
HOL-H274 Emerald Green Nova B  
HOL-H275 Terre Verte A  
HOL-H276 Sap Green B  
HOL-H277 Permanent Green Light A  
HOL-H278 Permanent Green Pale A  
HOL-H279 Permanent Green A  
HOL-H280 Permanent Green Deep A  
HOL-H281 Cadmium Green Pale D  
HOL-H282 Cadmium Green D  
HOL-H283 Cadmium Green Deep D  
HOL-H284 Compose Green C  
HOL-H288 Oxide of Chromium B  
HOL-H290 Olive Green B  
HOL-H291 Cinnabar Green Light B  
HOL-H292 Cinnabar Green B  
HOL-H293 Baryte Green B  
HOL-H294 Oriental Green B  
HOL-H295 Cobalt Green D  
HOL-H296 Cadmium Green Light D  
HOL-H297 Terre Verte Verona B  
HOL-H298 Prussian Green B  
HOL-H301 Cobalt Blue E  
HOL-H302 Cobalt Blue Pale E  
HOL-H303 Cobalt Blue Deep E  
HOL-H304 Cobalt Blue A  
HOL-H305 Cerulean Blue E  
HOL-H306 Cerulean Blue A  
HOL-H307 Ultramarine Light A  
HOL-H308 Ultramarine Deep A  
HOL-H310 Vedriter Blue C  
HOL-H311 Compose Blue A  
HOL-H312 Prussian Blue A  
HOL-H313 Hydrangea Blue B  
HOL-H314 Indigo B  
HOL-H315 Turquoise Blue B  
HOL-H316 Cobalt Turquoise E  
HOL-H317 Horizon Blue A  
HOL-H318 Misty Blue A  
HOL-H319 Oriental Blue C  
HOL-H320 Navy Blue B  
HOL-H321 Cerulean Blue Red Shade E  
HOL-H322 Ultramarine Blue A  
HOL-H323 Manganese Blue Nova B  


HOL-H332 Cobalt Violet Light (T) B  
HOL-H333 Mineral Violet C  
HOL-H334 Mars Violet B  
HOL-H335 Mauve B  
HOL-H336 Rose Violet B  
HOL-H337 Rose Violet Transparent B  
HOL-H338 Permanent Violet C  
HOL-H342 Raw Umber A  
HOL-H343 Raw Sienna A  
HOL-H344 Burnt Umber A  
HOL-H345 Burnt Sienna A  
HOL-H346 Indian Red A  
HOL-H347 Terra Rosa A  
HOL-H351 Sepia A  
HOL-H352 Vandyke Brown A  
HOL-H355 Brown Pink B  
HOL-H261 Ivory White A  
HOL-H353 Peach Black A  
HOL-H354 Ivory Black A  
HOL-H356 Lamp Black A  
HOL-H357 Blue Black A  
HOL-H368 Charcoal Grey A  
HOL-H369 Neutral Grey A  
HOL-H370 Blue Grey A  
HOL-H371 Yellow Grey A  
HOL-H372 Green Grey A  
HOL-H373 Grey of Grey A  
HOL-H374 Violet Grey A  
HOL-H375 Davey's Grey A  
HOL-H376 Rose Grey A  
HOL-H378 Monochrome Warm A  
HOL-H379 Monochrome Cool A  
HOL-H380 Payne's Grey A  


HOL-H390 Gold E  
HOL-H391 Silver E