Holbein Artists' Watercolors
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For the past 100 years Holbein color laboratories have developed and produced its moist transparent watercolor as an industry leader in brush handling qualities, light fastness, physical permanence, color vigor and a full range palette that retains its clean, crisp and brilliant characteristics.

Now available in a range of 108 colors in  15ml  tube sizes. 

Holbein Water Colors Charts

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Description Series 5ml Price
Brilliant Pink A HOL-W025  
Brown Madder E HOL-W023
Cadmium Red Light E HOL-W014
Cadmium Red Deep E HOL-W015
Cadmium Red Orange E HOL-W016  
Cadmium Red Purple E HOL-W017  
Carmine A HOL-W011  
Cherry Red (Quinacridone) C HOL-W024  
Crimson Lake A HOL-W010  
Opera B HOL-W013  
Permanent Alizarin Crimson C HOL-W009  
Permanent Rose B HOL-W020  
Permanent Red B HOL-W021  
Rose Madder A HOL-W012  
Scarlet Lake B HOL-W022  
Shell Pink A HOL-W026  
Vermilion F HOL-W018  
Vermilion Hue A HOL-W019  
Naples Yellow A HOL-W030  
Jaune Brilliant No. 1 A HOL-W031  
Jaune Brilliant No. 2 A HOL-W032  
Lemon Yellow A HOL-W033  
Yellow Ochre A HOL-W034  
Permanent Yellow Lemon A HOL-W035  
Permanent Yellow Light A HOL-W036  
Permanent Yellow Deep A HOL-W037  
Permanent Yellow Orange A HOL-W038  
Aureolin D HOL-W039  
Cadmium Yellow Lemon C HOL-W040  
Cadmium Yellow Pale C HOL-W041  
Cadmium Yellow Light C HOL-W042  
Cadmium Yellow Deep C HOL-W043  
Cadmium Yellow Orange C HOL-W044  
Indian Yellow C HOL-W045  
Greenish Yellow C HOL-W046  
Brilliant Orange C HOL-W047  
Gamboge Nova B HOL-W048  
Viridian C HOL-W060  
Viridian Hue A HOL-W061  
Hooker's Green B HOL-W062  
Cobalt Green D HOL-W063  
Emerald Green Nova B HOL-W064  
Terre Verte A HOL-W065  
Permanent Green No. 1 A HOL-W066  
Permanent Green No. 2 A HOL-W067  
Permanent Green No. 3 A HOL-W068  
Cadmium Green Pale C HOL-W069  
Cadmium Green Deep C HOL-W070  
Compose Green No. 1 A HOL-W071  
Compose Green No. 2 A HOL-W072  
Compose Green No. 3 A HOL-W073  
Olive Green A HOL-W074  
Sap Green B HOL-W075  
Cobalt Green Yellow Shade D HOL-W076  
Leaf Green B HOL-W077  
Bamboo Green B HOL-W078  
Shadow Green D HOL-W079  
Cobalt Blue D HOL-W090  
Cobalt Blue Hue A HOL-W091  
Cerulean Blue D HOL-W092  
Ultramarine Light A HOL-W093  
Ultramarine Deep A HOL-W094  
Verditer Blue A HOL-W095  
Compose Blue A HOL-W096  
Prussian Blue A HOL-W097  
Indigo A HOL-W098  
Turquoise Blue B HOL-W099  
Peacock Blue A HOL-W101  
Marine Blue C HOL-W102  
Royal Blue C HOL-W103  
Horizon Blue A HOL-W104  
Manganese Blue Nova B HOL-W105  
Cobalt Turquoise Light D HOL-W106  
Cobalt Violet Light F HOL-W110  
Mineral Violet B HOL-W112  
Mars Violet B HOL-W113  
Permanent Magenta B HOL-W114  
Permanent Violet B HOL-W115  
Lavender A HOL-W116  
Lilac A HOL-W117  
Rose Violet (Quinacridone) C HOL-W118  
Bright Rose (Luminous) B HOL-W170  
Bright Violet (Luminous) B HOL-W175  
Mars Yellow A HOL-W128  
Umber A HOL-W129  
Light Red A HOL-W130  
Raw Umber A HOL-W131  
Raw Sienna A HOL-W132  
Burnt Umber A HOL-W133  
Burnt Sienna A HOL-W134  
Indian Red A HOL-W135  
Sepia A HOL-W136  
Vandyke Brown A HOL-W139  
Peach Black A HOL-W137  
Ivory Black A HOL-W138  
Lamp Black A HOL-W140  
Blue Grey A HOL-W150  
Yellow Grey A HOL-W151  
Green Grey A HOL-W152  
Grey of Grey A HOL-W153  
Violet Grey A HOL-W154  
Davy Grey A HOL-W155  
Payne's Grey A HOL-W156  
Neutral Tint A HOL-W157  
Chinese White A HOL-W002  
Chinese White No. 6 A HOL-W001  
Titanium White (Opaque) A HOL-W003  
Gold C HOL-W190  
Silver C HOL-W191