Iwata Eclipse AIRBRUSHES

The new Iwata Eclipse aurbrushes are the newest and most affordable model in the popular professional line of artists' airbrushes. The Eclipse is a dual-action, internal-mix, bottle feed airbrush designed for everyday use by: fine artists, textile painters, wall muralists, sign painters, automotive muralists, students, hobbyists, and wherever the versatility of bottle feed painting is essential.

Versatility—One size needle and cone-shaped fluid tip is all that is required for the Eclipse airbrush. One size does it all. From fine lines to large backgrounds and thin to heavy paints. Even stippling patterns can be achieved by simply removing the air cap. No need to change heads, one head does it all. Also, all major brands of airbrush jars and jar adaptors are compatible with the Eclipse, so there is no need to replace those dozens of jars you already own. The Eclipse does it all!

Reliability—The Eclipse airbrush is machined with the finest grade materials for the closest tolerances, insuring that each part fits and works perfectly. The self-centering fluid tip and hardened stainless steel needle seat together precisely for a secure, long lasting fit. Two internal bushing sites behind the trigger allow the needle to stay centered throughout the airbrush, resulting in perfect alignment of internal working parts and long-standing durability. A tough, triple chrome-plated exterior is impervious to most solvents. Each model airbrush is individually hand tested before shipping, guaranteeing consistent, reliable results. The same company that developed the Custom Micron airbrushes gives the Eclipse a distinguished quality that is synonymous with the name Iwata.

Performance—The Eclipse airbrushes performs with a smooth, responsive trigger which results in controllable fine lines and wide background spray. Its cut-away handle allows for easy access to the needle for flushing the tip and less down time. Paints move effortlessly through the Eclipse, producing a flawless spray pattern. Difficult to spray mediums like textile colors, thinned acrylics, automotive paints, and ceramic glazes are handled with ease by the Eclipse. The Eclipse has the distinctive Iwata performance that you have come to expect without question.

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Eclipse BCS Airbrushs


The Eclipse airbrush is available in three sets: airbrush with bottle set, airbrush with bottle set and air hose and in a 6 pack airbrush only set.
Adjustable main lever tension
Double action main lever
Counter-weighted, cut-away handle
Spray pattern: hairline to 2" (hairline to 50mm)



  ECL 2000 Eclipse BCS Airbrush  4200 0.5 mm w/bottle    
 ECL 2001 Eclipse BCS Airbrush 4201  0.5 mm w/bottle and hose    
 ECL 2006 Eclipse BCS 4204 6 pack of 6 BCS Airbrushes    

Eclipse CS  Airbrush 


This gravity feed Eclipse CS airbrush features a .35 mm needle and nozzle combination, Adjustable main lever tension as well as a generous 1/3 oz. sized cup. Counter-weighted, cut-away handle The new funnel design of the cup makes clean-up easier and also means that less paint is wasted. The short distance from cup to nozzle allows for more consistent paint flow, too. Fine artists and students alike will appreciate how well the Eclipse CS airbrush sprays heavier acrylics and Medea Textile Colors while maintaining very fine Spray pattern: hairline to 2" (hairline to 50mm)   




 ECL 4500 Iwata Eclipse CS Airbrush