Iwata HP PROFESSIONAL Series Airbrush

Excellent airbrushes for technical, medical and commercial Airbrush illustrators and photo Retouchers.

These airbrushes are engineered for use where fine detail is an absolute necessity. The HP Series Airbrush Spray pattern is from a fine hairline to mid-range background pattern, along with an entire range of stipple effects.

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The HP-A+ is a high quality professional airbrush designed for precise control and fine detail work. Its fine needle/nozzle configuration allows for excellent atomization. The 1/32oz. (.9ml) fluid cavity is perfect for spraying small amounts of media. This is the airbrush of choice for medical illustrators, fingernail artists and detail illustrations.


Iwata HP-A  Airbrush H 1001    



The HP-B+ airbrush is similar to the HP-A+ except with a larger 1/16oz. (1.8ml) gravity feed color cup. The HP-B airbrush has excellent control and atomization and is great for illustration, photo retouching, and cake decoration.



Iwata HP- Airbrush H 2001    



The HP-C+ airbrush is the most versatile of the HP series airbrushes. Its larger 1/3oz. (9ml) gravity feed cup and larger needle/nozzle configuration allow for use with most media. Great for both fine work and larger background spraying. Fine artists, students, set designers, craft and decorative painters, often use the HP-C+.

H 4000 HP C airbrush t is no longer available.  It has been superseded by the H 4001 HP C+.  The HP C+ has the same needle/nozzle size, but comes with a few new features including a cut-away handle for easy access to the needle chucking nut, a preset on the back of the handle to better control paint flow and a retooled head assembly. 



Iwata HP-C  Airbrush 4001    



The HP-BC airbrush is a high quality, bottom feed airbrush, for work where large volumes of media are required. The 3/4oz. (21ml) color jar fits snugly into the airbrush using a twist on friction fit. A 1/2oz. (14ml) right- or left-handed color cup is also available for quick touch ups. Since it can handle heavy media, the HP-BC is often used in textile (T-shirt) painting, large studio work, and often for backgrounds and murals



Iwata HP-BC+ Airbrush 5001 0.3 mm    
Iwata HP-BC+ Airbrush 5001 0.2 mm    
Iwata HP-BC2+ Airbrush 5501 0.4 mm    
Iwata HP-SB+ Airbrush 3001 0.2 mm    


The HP-SB airbrush is similar to both the HP-A, and HP-B, however it has a 1/8oz. (3.5ml) side feed color cup. The side feed cup is either for right- or left-handed use and allows for slower spraying, and better vision of the work surface. Excellent for extra fine detail work.




Iwata HP-SB+ Airbrush H3001 0.35 mm