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 Kommerling's Komatex is comparable to Sintra expanded PVC                   

Komatex® is a excellent alternative to Sintra®.

Komatex® (compare to Sintra®):  Material is closed-cell, expanded plastic, high-density poly vinyl chloride sheet. It is acid free and has minimal out gassing for Archival use. Sintra is a homogeneous material that allows the ease of cutting without regard for grain. At half the weight of solid PVC, may be stapled, nailed, riveted, glued, and thermoformed. Forming may be done on conventional forming machines. Because this material is not hydroscopic, it needs no drying pre-forming. It is available in 9 thickness' 1mm-13mm all thickness' are available in white, some thickness' are also available in black & colors.
These foam sheets made of rigid FOAMED PVC are produced with a closed-cell matte surface. Komatex® can be compared to Sintra® because they have a regular, fine-celled foam structure and are light in weight. They conduct very little heat and thus provide excellent insulation.

Komatex® is suitable for printing, painting and lacquering and can be easily and economically worked with conventional tools. Due to their tough and rigid structure, they can be drilled and screwed without splitting. PVC foam can be bonded using Weld-On adhesives for vinyl.

Due to their weathering resistance, Komatex® sheets in white can be used for outdoor applications. They are particularly suitable for the advertising industry-for signs, displays and exhibition stands.

Komatex® PVC sheets have been approved for the "low flammability" class according to UL94 - V0. The advantageous size means that waste is kept to a minimum.

KOMATEX Standard Colors*

*Colors shown, and PMS colors displayed, are not exact matches but instead close visual representations of our actual sheet colors. Please check your color requirements before proceeding. Click Here to request a color swatch.

Cutting and Sawing - up to 3mm thick can be cut with a knife. Flat Sintra can be die cut with steel rule dies, warming the sintra slightly to achieve smooth edges.

Fastening - Screws or blind rivets can also be used. Remember to allow for substantial temperature changes;  expands 0.05 mil/ft. per degree F.

Painting - Recommended paints are vinyl, acrylic lacquers and 2 part polyurethanes. Paint can be applied by brush, spray gun, roller, or dipping. Finishes should not be forced dried in an oven. Primers are not required if the surface is dry and clean. Silk Screen methods give excellent results and most printing inks used for rigid PVC give good results.

Only in 3mm & 6mm 4ft X 8ft sheets 
  • High density PVC Plastic Sheet
  • Excellent for sign and display work
  • Easily die-cut up to 4mm.

Cut to Size AvailableCut to Size Available  
$59.00 for small orders

   Color variety, and the easy workability of The material can result in unique, dimensional displays.



Forming - can be thermoformed, vacuum formed, or heat bent in a far shorter time than most conventional plastics.



o obtain samples directly from the manufacturer: http://www.kommerlingusa.com/swatch_request.cfml


For more technical information see Kommerlingusa's page: http://www.kommerlingusa.com/komatex/technical.cfml